TRAI gave consumers up to January 31 to select their favorite channel

 28 Dec 2018 ( IBTN Bureau )

In India, the Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) has given time till January 31 to select the channels of choice for customers under the new tariff rules. TRAI has said that customers can choose their favorite channels till January 31. TRAI had ordered all Multi Service Operators (MSOs) and Local Cable Operators (LCOs) to implement the new tariff system from December 29, but TRAI has now extended this deadline to January 31.

TRAI Secretary SK Gupta told the news agency PTI, "We have a meeting today (Thursday) with Broadcasters, DTH operators and MSOs (multi-system operators). Everyone showed their readiness to apply the new rules. However, they requested that customers be given some time so that they can select channels according to their liking, which will not lead to further trouble.''

In view of this demand, the Distribution Platform Operator (DPO) has been given time till January 31 to ask the list of channels of their choice to the customers and from February 1, the customers will be provided the channels selected by them.

A few days ago TRAI had said that on December 29, there will be no TV blackout and consumers will be given time to be completely shifting to the new scheme.

What is the new rule?
In the new rules applicable to TRAI's DTH and Cable operators, it has been said that it can not impose a TV channel on the consumers, but the consumer will have the freedom to choose the TV channels they want to see. The consumers will pay for the channel of their choice. For this, all broadcasters will have to make their channels available as bouquets, which consumers can choose according to their choice. The maximum value of each channel on the TV screen will be written. No one can take more than just the fixed price from the Cable and DTH operator broadcaster.

Under TRAI's new rules, customers will have to pay a maximum of 130 rupees per month for 100 channels. GST will be different. In such a situation, if you look at more than 100 channels, additional 25 rupees will be provided for the next 25 channels. Apart from this, the fixed prices will be added to the pay channels you choose. That is, if you subscribe to view a lot of pay channels, then you may have to pay more. TRAI has said in reference to Bark's report that according to the pattern of television viewers 80 percent of the consumers either watch 40 or fewer channels or wipe them out. If a consumer carefully chooses a channel for the full requirement of his family, then he must pay less than the current price every month.

TRAI has asked all the cable and DTH operators to make available TV viewers and online payment facility through their website. The list of channels on the website will be available with the price. Apart from this, consumers will also be able to select channels through call center.

After the new rules are implemented, no cable or DTH operators will be able to charge separate channels for the channels. All platforms will have similar prices for channels. If the users of two different service providers are watching the same channel then their payment will be the same.


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