New Education Policy -2020: Foreign universities in India got permission to open campuses

 30 Jul 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

India has now opened its doors to foreign universities under the new education policy. Reputed universities of the world will now be able to open their campuses in India.

Although according to experts, it cannot be said whether these changes will be able to get on the ground soon or not, but many feel that the opening of the top 200 foreign universities in India will also increase the level of higher education here. Many people also believe that this will also help in preventing talent migration.

The Modi government's current stand on bringing foreign universities to India is in stark contrast to the BJP's earlier stand on the Regulation of Entry and Operation Bill 2010 brought by the UPA-2 government on foreign educational institutions.

The ruling party of PM Modi, including the Left leaders of India, has also been opposing the earlier governments' attempts to allow foreign universities into India.

But many government officials insisted on taking these steps, because every year more than seven and a half million Indian students spend billions of dollars studying abroad.

On Wednesday, Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare told reporters that the government will give the world's highest ranked universities the opportunity to open their campuses in India.

However, critics of this decision also say that why would the highest class universities want to open their campus in India? When the Government of India has set the maximum fees under its new education policy. That is, now universities will not be able to raise the required amount. Also, under the new education policy, higher education institutions will have to bring more transparency in the matter of charging fees.


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