Bihar caste survey: 17.7 percent Muslims; How many Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs are there?

 02 Oct 2023 ( News Bureau )

In India, Nitish government of Bihar has released the caste survey data today. Data related to religion was also collected during the survey and information about this has also been given.

The largest population in Bihar is of those who follow Hindu religion. After them are the number of people following Muslim religion. However, there is a huge gap between the populations of followers of both the religions.

The caste survey conducted in Bihar has revealed that out of about 13 crore people of the state, there are 2146 people who do not have any religion.

How many people of which religion are there in Bihar?

Hindu: 81.99 percent

Muslims: 17.70 percent

Christians: 0.057 percent

Sikh: 0.0113 percent

Buddhist: 0.085 percent

Jain: 0.009 percent


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