Attack on the US Capitol: Did the US Parliament (Capitol Building) Suddenly Attack?

 12 Jan 2021 ( IBTN Bureau )

In the US capital Washington, many people are in awe of the kind of incidents which have been seen in the past. But those monitoring the online activities of ultra-right groups and conspirators had foreseen such a crisis.

On the very day Donald Trump was announced on the stage of the East Room of the White House, the day the votes were cast for the US presidency. He had said, "We are preparing to win this election.'' Clearly, we have won this election.

His address came an hour after his own tweet. He tweeted an hour ago, "They are trying to steal the election results."

Although he did not win the election. There was no victory that someone would try to steal. But the facts did not matter to his overzealous supporters and still do not.

After 65 days in America, a group of rioters destroyed the capital building of America on 06 January 2021. These rioters included a wide range of people, groups of extremist right-wing, online trolls and Donald Trump pro-Qinon people who believe that the world is being run by a group of pedophiles and Trump will teach everyone a lesson. These people also included members of 'Stop the Steel', a group of Trump supporters accused of rigging the election.

Nearly 48 hours after the riots in Washington's Capitol House (on January 08, 2021), Twitter began shutting down some of Trump's influential accounts, these accounts that were constantly promoting conspiracies and reversing election results. Were inciting people to take direct action. Not only this, Twitter also banned President Donald Trump's account after this. The reason behind banning Trump's account with more than 88 million followers is that his tweet threatens to create more violence.

The world is shocked by the violence in Washington and it seems that police and officers are nowhere in America. But it is not surprising for those who saw the link of this incident online and in the streets of American cities.

Election results can be affected, Donald Trump was saying this through his speeches and tweets months before the vote was cast. Even on election day, when the Americans started voting, the era of rumors started.

The Republican Party's polling agent was not allowed entry into the Philadelphia polling station. The video prohibiting entry of this polling agent went viral. This was due to a mistake in understanding the rules. Later this man was allowed to enter the polling station.

But it was included in the initial videos which went viral for several days. Along with this, a new hashtag '# Stop the Steel' was raised through other videos, photographs and graphics that the vote has to be rigged. The message of this hashtag was clear that Trump had won by a huge vote, but the powers in the power establishment were stealing the victory from him.

On Wednesday (November 4, 2020) in the early hours of the day when counting of votes was in progress and TV networks were three days behind the announcement of Joe Biden's victory, President Trump was accused of claiming victory. That the American public is being deceived. However, he did not provide any evidence in favor of his claim. However, it is clear from a study of earlier elections in the US that any disturbance in the counting of votes there is absolutely impossible.

By midday on November 4, 2020, a Facebook group called 'Stop the Steel' was formed which proved to be the fastest growing group in the history of Facebook. By the morning of November 5, 2020, more than three lakh people had joined the group.

Most of the posts alleged without any evidence that mass counting was being rigged, it was also said that thousands of people who have died have been cast. It was also alleged that the vote counting machine was designed in such a way that it was counting Trump's votes in Biden's votes.

But some posts were really more worrying, in these posts civil war and revolution were being described as essential. By the afternoon of November 5, 2020, Facebook removed the 'Stop the Steel' page, but by then the page had received over five million comments, likes and reactions. By the time this page was removed, dozens of such groups were ready.

The talk of stealing Trump's vote was spreading online. Soon, a website dedicated to 'Stop the Steel' was launched in the name of protecting votes. On Saturday, November 7, 2020, leading news networks declared Joe Biden the winner of the election. People in the stronghold of Democrats took to the streets to celebrate. But online reactions from Trump's overzealous supporters were displeasing and challenging the outcome.

These people proposed a rally in Washington DC on Saturday, November 7, 2020 as the Million Make America Great Again March. Trump also tweeted that he could try to stop it through the demonstration. Not many people had gathered at Trump supporter rallies earlier in Washington, but thousands gathered at Freedom Plaza on Saturday (November 7, 2020).

An extremist researcher called the rally crowd the start of a revolt by Trump supporters. When the convoy of trump vehicles passed through the city, the supporters vied for a glimpse of them. Trump was seen in front of supporters wearing the cap of 'Make America Great Again'.

The rally included members of the ultra-right group, anti-migrants, and members of the men's group Proud Boys who were carrying out violence in the streets and later entering the American Capitol Building. It was attended by the army, right-wing media and many people who advocated conspiracy theories.

As the night progressed, violent clashes broke out among Trump supporters and their opponents, in which an incident occurred five blocks away from the White House. Although the police was also involved in these violence, but it could be predicted from the days to come.

By now, President Trump and his legal team had set their hopes on dozens of legal cases. Although many courts have rejected allegations of rigging in the election, Trump's supporters online world, Trump's two lawyers Sidney Powell and L. Lynn Wood's expectations were tied up.

Sidney Powell and Lynn Wood had assured that they would prepare the rigging case in such an elaborate manner that Biden's declarations of electoral victory would come out as soon as the case came to light.

Powell is a Conservative Activist and a former Government Advocate. Powell told Fox News that attempts were being made to release Kraken. The mention of the Kraken comes in Scandavian folklore as a giant sea monster who sets out to eat his enemies.

After this statement, all kinds of mimes started appearing on the Internet about the Kraken, through which all the election rigging was being repeated without any proof. Powell and Wood emerged as a hero between Trump supporters and QNOn Conspiracy Theory supporters.

Those who believe in the QNOn Conspiracy Theory believe that Trump and his secret army are fighting against the Democratic Party, the media, business houses and pedophiles in Hollywood. The two lawyers became a bridge between the president and his conspirators. Most of these supporters were involved in the violence in the Capitol Building on 6 January 2021.

Powell and Wood managed to capitalize on the outrage of Trump supporters online, but legally both were unable to do anything special. Both of them prepared a 200-page charge sheet by the end of November 2020, but most of them were based on the Conspiracy Theory and this automatically rejected the charges which had been dismissed in court dozens of times. Not only this, along with the mistakes of the law, spelling mistakes and typing mistakes were also seen in this document.

But its discussion continued in the online world. Before the violence in the Capitol Building, 'Kraken' and 'Release the Kraken' had been used more than a million times on Twitter only.

When the court rejected Trump's legal appeal, extremist rightists began to target election personnel and officials. A Georgia election worker was threatened with death. Republican officials from the province, including Governor Brian Camp, Secretary-of-State Brad Rafsperger and Gabriel Sterling, in charge of the province's electoral system, came to be called online traitors.

Sterling issued a warning on December 1, 2020 about emotional and future fears. He said, "Somebody is going to get hurt, somebody is going to be shot, somebody is going to die and this is not right."

In early December 2020, Jacqueline Benson, Michigan's Secretary of State, was grooming a Christmas tree at her home in Detroit with her four-year-old son when she heard a commotion outside. Around 30 protesters were shouting 'Stop the steel' on the megaphone with a banner poster outside their house. One protester shouted, "Benson you are the villain." Another one said, "You are a threat to democracy." One protester was doing live on Facebook, saying that his group was here Is not going to be removed from

This example illustrates how the protesters were treating people associated with the voting process. Trump supporters in Georgia continued to drive with the Horns outside Rafensparger's home. His wife received threats of sexual violence.

Demonstrators in Arizona gathered outside the home of Katy Hobbs, the province minister of state (Democrat). These protesters were constantly saying, "We are watching you."

On 11 December 2020, the US Supreme Court quashed an attempt to dismiss the election results for the province of Texas.

As legal and political doors were closing in front of Trump, Trump supporters were becoming violent on online platforms. On 12 December 2020, the second rally of 'Stop the Steel' was held in Washington DC. Once again thousands of supporters gathered in this rally. It also included people from extreme right wing people, Make America Great Again and those involved in military movements.

Trump's former national security adviser Michael Flynn compared these protesters to biblical soldiers and priests who toppled Jericho's wall. The rally called for the 'Jericho March' to change the electoral outcome. Nick Fuenets, leader of the extremist right-wing movement Grow Purse, who described the Republican Party as moderate, told these protesters, "We are going to destroy the Republican Party."

Violence erupted during this rally as well.

Two days later (on 14 December 2020) Electrol College sealed Biden's victory. This is also one of the important steps required for the US President to take over.

On online platforms, Trump supporters began to see that all the legal avenues had been closed, so they felt that direct action was the only option to save Trump. After the election, Flynn, Powell and Wood, apart from Trump supporters, managed to rapidly place another person online.

Ron Watkins, the son of Jim Watkins, a US businessman and promoter of Imageboard 8Chan and 8Kun, emerged as a supporter of Trump on online platforms. In tweets that went viral on 17 December 2020, Ron Watkins advised Donald Trump that he should take the path of the Roman Empire Julius Caesar and use the military's loyalty to restore democracy.

Ron Watkins encouraged more than half a million followers to make Cross the Robican a tweeter trend. Julius Caesar started the war by crossing the Robikan River in 49 BCE. This hashtag was also used by mainstream people. It also included Republican Party leader Callie Ward in Arizona. In another tweet, Ron Watkins suggested to Trump that he should use the sedition law under which the military and other police forces are empowered after the president.

On 18 December 2020, Trump held a strategic meeting with Powell, Flynn and others at the White House. According to the New York Times, during this meeting, Flynn suggested Trump hold re-election under the military by applying martial law. After this meeting, negotiations started again between war and revolution in right-wing groups in the online world. Many came to see the joint session of the US Congress on January 6, 2021, which is a formality. But Trump supporters also expected Vice President Mike Pence.

Vice President Mike Pence was scheduled to preside over the January 6, 2021 event, with Trump supporters hoping Mike Pence would ignore the Electrol College votes. It was being said in the mutual discussion of these people that after that, the President will deploy the army to deal with any kind of rebellion and will order the arrest on the large scale of the election riggers and sent them to the army prison of Guantenamo Bay. Will go. But all this was happening among the Trump supporters in the online world, it seemed impossible to be on the ground truth. But Trump supporters turned it into an agitation and thousands of people reached Washington on January 6, 2021, traveling together from across the country.

A long convoy of vehicles carrying trumped flags had reached the city. Pictures of the convoy of vehicles from cities such as Louisville, Kentucky, Atlanta, Georgia and Sacramento were also seen on social platforms. "We are on the way," one person tweeted, posting a picture with about two dozen supporters. A man in the Ikea parking lot of North Carolina wrote with a picture of his truck, "The flag is a little dilapidated but we Calling it a battleground.''

But it was clear that Pence and the other important leaders of the Republican Party would act according to the law and allow Biden's victory to be approved by Congress. In such a situation, poison was also spewed against these people. Wood tweeted for him, "Pence will face trial for treason and be in jail. He will be hanged by the firing squad.'' There was growing resentment in online discussions among Trump supporters. People started talking about guns, war and violence.

Such things were present in other places besides social platforms like Gab and Parlor popular with Trump supporters. At first the members of the Proud Boys were writing against the police force and later against the officers as they realized that the support of the officers was no longer available.

The website 'The Donald' which is popular among Trump supporters. On this website, Trump supporters were openly discussing the breaking of police barricades, possession of guns and other weapons, violations of Washington's strict laws regarding guns. Nonsense was being talked about on this website till the uproar in the Capitol Building and the arrest of 'traitor' members of Congress.

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, Trump addressed a crowd of thousands at Ellips Park, south of the White House, for more than an hour. He said in the beginning of his address that if you talk peacefully and patriotically, he will be heard. But coming to an end, he said with a warning tone, "We have to fight with all the power, if we do not fight with the full power, you will lose your country." So we are going. We are going to Pennsylvania Avenue and we are going to the Capital Building. ''

According to some analysts, the fear of violence in those days was quite clear. Michael Chertoff, who was the interior security minister during the tenure of former US President George W. Bush, blames the Capitol Police for the violence that day. The Capitol Police had also turned down an offer to help the National Guard.

Michael calls it the biggest failure of the Capitol Police, saying, "As far as I can think, what else would be a big failure." During this time, the possibility of violence was already known. Frankly speaking, it was also natural. If you read the newspaper, you are aware that in this rally there were people who believed in the rigging of the election, some were extremists, some were violent. People had openly appealed to bring guns.

Even after all this, Americans like James Clarke, a 68-year-old Republican supporter of Virginia, are amazed at the January 6, 2021 incident. "It was very sad," he told the BBC. I didn't think anything like this would happen.''

But the possibility of such violence remained for several weeks. Extremist and conspiratorial groups believed the electoral outcome was stolen. In the online world these people were constantly talking about weapons and violence together. It may be that the police officers have not taken the posts of these people seriously or have not found them suitable for investigation. But now the accountable officials will have to face the stinging questions.

Joe Biden will be sworn in as US President on 20 January 2021. Mike Chertoff is expecting the security force to deploy far more efficiently than on 06 January 2021. However, violence and obstruction is still being said on social media platforms. In the midst of all this, questions are also being raised on social media platforms that why did these people allow the Conspiracy Theory to reach millions?

Following the violence of six January 2021, on 08 January 2021, Twitter deleted accounts of Trump's former advisors Flynn, Kraken Theory lawyers Powell and Wood and Watkins. After this, Trump's account has also been closed.

The arrest of people committing violence in the Capitol Building continues. However, most of the rioters are still present in their parallel world where they are creating facts according to their convenience. Following the violence on 6 January 2021, Donald Trump issued a video statement in which he acknowledged for the first time that the new administration would take over on 20 January 2021.

Trump supporters are still giving new explanations after watching this video. They are comforting themselves that Trump should not give up easily, he should struggle. Not only this, there is also a theory of Trump supporters that this video is not only about Trump, it is a computer generated fake video. Trump supporters are also apprehensive that Trump has been taken hostage. However, many fans of Trump are still confident that Trump will remain President.

There is no evidence of any of these things, but it does prove one thing. Whatever Donald Trump's, the people who committed violence in the American Capitol Building are not going to calm down in the coming days, it is certain.


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