How much will Corona's danger increase if red light areas are opened?

 14 Jul 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

A research study has been conducted on the condition of sexworkers in the era of Corona crisis in India. According to this, if the redlight areas are opened, then next year at least four lakh sex workers will come under the grip of Corona and thousands of them may die.

If a sex worker is infected, the infection can reach hundreds of people. According to this study, three out of every five deaths from Covid-19 can occur in redlight areas.

The authors of this research study, Abhishek Pandey and co-author Dr. Sudhakar V Nuti, say that the central government and state governments should keep the redlight areas closed until the corona vaccine becomes available.

The study also appealed to take steps towards making sex workers a skilled worker in times of Corona crisis so that these people do not face a livelihood crisis and also prevent corona infection.

Abhishek Pandey, who led the study, is associated with Yale University's Center for Infectious Diseases Modeling and Analysis, while Sudhakar V Nutty belongs to Massachusetts General Hospital and the Department of Medicine of Harvard Medical School.


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