What is India's strategy on the India-China border dispute?

 03 Jun 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has confessed that there is a dispute between China and India at this time on the Indo-China border and a considerable number of Chinese troops are present at the border.

Speaking to Network 18, the Defense Minister of India has said that India has also made complete arrangements on the border.

Asked about the latest situation on the Indo-China border, Rajnath Singh said, "The recent incident is true, it is true that the people of China (Chinese soldiers) are also on the border, they claim That our border is here, India's claim that our border is here, there has been a disagreement about that. And a significant number of Chinese people (Chinese soldiers) have also come. ''

The Defense Minister of India said, "But whatever India should do on its own behalf, India has also done it."

He said, "For a long time on the Indo-China border, something has been going on continuously between India and China. There is hardly any year when the border between India and China army does not face. There are skirmishes between the army of India and China, sometimes there has been such tension that the snatch of arms has also happened. Such situations arise from time to time. ''

The Defense Minister of India said, "I think that China should now seriously consider this matter so that this dispute can be fully resolved."

The Defense Minister of India said that whenever there has been a dispute before, such as the Doklam dispute, India and China have resolved through talks at the military and diplomatic level.

He said that even when there was a dispute between the two countries about Doklam, it was also resolved through negotiations. Even before this, whenever there has been an incident between the two countries, a solution has been found at the military level and at the level of dialogue.

The Defense Minister of India said that 'At present, talks are going on at the military level. Probably, on June 6, there is going to be a talk between the army's high level military officers.

The Defense Minister of India also said that India will respond if provoked, he said, "One policy of India is very clear, India does not want to hurt the self-respect of any country of the world nor its Can bear injury on self-respect. Our policy is very clear. Whatever you want to extract from it, it extracts the meaning. ''

When asked if he considered China as an enemy, he said, "I do not consider China as an enemy, I consider my neighbor." As far as thinking is concerned, India's thinking has always been that we do not consider anyone as an enemy, we want to keep an equal relationship with everyone.

He said, "But if someone tries to bow down to India's self-respect, then there is a quirk within us that we can give him a befitting reply."

There is a dispute at the border between India and China at the moment. Several media reports have claimed that China has sent a large number of troops to the border and some have entered Indian territory at this time.

Now the Defense Minister of India has also acknowledged that there is tension on the border between the two countries and the military presence is increasing.

The Defense Minister of India said on US President Donald Trump's proposal to mediate between the two countries that there exists a mechanism for direct dialogue between India and China and no mediation is required.

China's Foreign Ministry on Monday stressed that the situation on the border between China and India is stable and under control and that the channels of dialogue between the two countries are open at the military and diplomatic level.

According to the Chinese newspaper Global Times, the Tibet Command of the Chinese Army has conducted military exercises at high altitude. According to the report, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) practiced penetrating into enemy territory at an altitude of 4700 meters.

The practice, which took place at about one o'clock in the night, practiced attacking in the dark in a difficult environment. Reports about this practice have also been broadcast on Chinese state TV.

"India and China share borders in the altitude zone," the Global Times report said. There have been incidents on the border between the two countries in recent times and both countries have increased their military presence. ''

Tension arose between India and China over the Galvan Valley in Aksai China when India alleged that the Chinese army had set up some tents along the side of Galvan Valley.

The Galvan Valley is located near the Indo-China border between Ladakh and Aksai China. Here the Line of Actual Control (LAC) separates China from India. This valley extends to southern Xinjiang in China and Ladakh in India.

After this, India increased the deployment of the army there. On the other hand, China alleged that India is doing illegal construction related to security near Galvan Valley.

In addition, there was a deadlock on the border between China and India in the Ladakh region after a skirmish between Indian and Chinese troops near the Panagong Tso Lake in eastern Ladakh.

On May 9, there was a skirmish between the Indian and Chinese forces in Naku La sector of North Sikkim. At that time, Chinese army helicopters were seen near LAC in Ladakh. Then after this, the Indian Air Force also started patrolling Sukhoi and other fighter aircraft.

This has happened sometime back in Doklam too. In 2017, there was a lot of dispute between India and China over Doklam. Which lasted for 70-80 days, then this issue was resolved by negotiation.

The case started when India opposed China's attempt to build a road in the plateau region of Doklam.

By the way, Doklam is a dispute between China and Bhutan. But Sikkim lies close to the border and there is a tri-junction point. Where China is also close by. Both Bhutan and China lay claim to this area and India supports Bhutan's claim.


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