US-Australia talks on South China Sea issue

 29 Jul 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

There has been a high level dialogue between America and its close ally Australia on the issue of China. The two countries have agreed that a world order based on rules will be maintained.

However, the Australian Foreign Minister also insisted that Canberra's relationship with Beijing was important and he had no intention of damaging it.

The talks were held for two days in Washington between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Minister Mike Esper and their Australian counterparts.

Despite the Corona epidemic and the two-week quarantine rule on returning home, Australia's leaders arrived in Washington for the talks.

In a joint press conference on Tuesday, Mike Pompeo praised Australia for staying on its stand in the face of pressure from China.

He said that America and Australia will continue to work together to resume the rule of law in South China Sea.

China asserts its claim on the South China Sea, while the US and its allies protest against its interference in the region.

There are tensions between countries around the South China Sea and concerns are being raised about the freedom of maritime transport.

Australian Foreign Minister Mary Penn said that the United States and Australia are committed to the 'Rule of Law'. Countries violating it will be controlled. He also cited the case of the reduction of the right to freedom in Hong Kong.

He said the two sides agreed to form a working group that would explore the possibility of cooperation on the corona vaccine and the epidemic and monitor harmful information.

Meanwhile, Mary Penn also said that Australia does not agree on everything on the issue of China, nor is it with the US on everything.

Mary Penn said, "The relationship we have with China is important. And we have no intention of harming them. Neither do we intend to do anything that is against our interests. Australia and the United States have common interests in the Asia Pacific region. But we do not agree with everything. And this is part of our hundred-year friendship, respectful relationship.''

However, Mary Penn did not mention what issues Australia has with the US.

But he definitely said that his country takes decisions keeping in mind its national interests and security.

"We play the same way with China. We have strong economic relations, other relations and it works in the interests of both countries.''


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