There will be no ban on wearing hijab during the Olympic Games to be held in 2024

 30 Sep 2023 ( News Bureau )

The International Olympic Committee has said that there will be no ban on wearing hijab in the Olympic Village during the Olympic Games to be held in 2024.

The Olympic Games will be held in France in the year 2024 and hijab is banned for the players there.

French Sports Minister Emilie Ode-Castera has said that 'Hijab is banned in her country out of respect for the principles of secularism. But the International Olympic Committee has decided that the rule banning hijab will not apply to countries participating in the Paris Olympics to be held in 2024.'

An International Olympic Committee spokesperson said, "Only International Olympic Committee rules will apply to the Olympic Village. There is no restriction on wearing hijab or any religious-cultural dress here. But during sports matches, only the existing rules of the International Federation will apply."

The United Nations Human Rights Office has criticized the ban on athletes wearing hijab.


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