The investigation of the World Health Organization is like covering the truth: Pompeo

 15 Jul 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo once again attacked China, saying that the World Health Organization (WHO) investigation on the corona virus epidemic is entirely to cover up the truth.

Pompio and President Donald Trump have been accusing China of hiding information since the first case of Corona virus infection was found in Wuhan last year.

Pompeo said, because of this, 1 lakh Americans have lost their lives and the world economy has been burdened with trillions of dollars.

Pompeo said at a press conference on Wednesday, "The World Health Organization is now being allowed to come and investigate." I am fully confident about this that it is completely revealing the truth. ''

In fact, Pompeo wanted to draw attention to the WHO's independent investigation that began earlier this month. There has been worldwide demand for investigation in China.

However, this investigation panel will not investigate the emergence of the corona virus, which Pompio and other world leaders have been demanding.

During this pandemic, the Trump administration has consistently alleged that at the beginning of the pandemic, WHO was hiding the issue with China.


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