Signs of corona virus affecting the heart of the infected: Study

 13 Jul 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

Corona virus infection also affects the heart of patients.

A study by the University of Edinburgh, UK has indicated the effects of this virus on the hearts of the infected.

At Edinburgh University, the study was conducted on 1200 patients from 69 countries. More than half of these patients have seen abnormal heart, while 15 percent of cases have seen severe heart disease in the infected.

It is noteworthy that this study only included those who were suffering from severe infection of Covid-19. However, in most cases, only mild symptoms of corona infection occur in the infected.

Professor Mark Dweck, the lead researcher of this study, told BBC Radio 4's Today program that this research will help us take care of the infected.

Mark Dweck stated, "Heart disturbances have been seen as a serious problem for these patients. This has linked the possibility of saving their lives, it is also a factor affecting their recovery. Now we have to take good care and treatment of the heart of these patients too.''

Not only this, according to Mark, the patients of Covid-19 who have heart problems need to be stressed quickly.

Before this, the corona virus has had a long-term impact on health and the brain has been exposed.


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