Shot out of White House: President Donald Trump

 11 Aug 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

US President Donald Trump said that someone had been shot outside the White House.

President Trump was speaking to reporters at the White House during the press conference, during which his security personnel told him something and he left the press conference in between.

But after about nine minutes, President Trump came in and told reporters, "It seems the situation is under control."

Trump told reporters that he believed people from the American Secret Service had opened fire on an armed suspect.

According to him, after this incident someone has been taken to the hospital.

He said that this is an unusual situation but he praised the secret service people for working in a professional manner.

"There was a shooting outside the White House," Trump said. The situation seems to be completely under control. But there was a real shot and someone has been taken to the hospital. I don't know about that person's condition. ''

He said that he is not aware that someone came with a wrong intention, perhaps he has nothing to do with it.

He added, "It is unfortunate that the world is like this, but the world has always been a dangerous place." This is not a unique thing.

He said that during that incident he was taken out of the briefing room and taken to his office safely. According to him, the shooting incident took place at the fencing outside the White House.

Apart from the Finance Minister, another officer was safely removed from there.


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