Serious allegations against China in UN report on persecution of Vigar Muslims

 01 Sep 2022 ( News Bureau )

In a report on allegations of harassment in China's Xinjiang province, the United Nations has accused China of serious human rights violations.

China has appealed to the United Nations (UN) not to release the report and called it a "spectacle" of Western countries.

The report claims persecution of Vigar Muslims and other ethnic minorities, which China has denied.

But investigators say they have found credible evidence of torture that could be called "crimes against humanity".

He has accused China of using vague national security laws and arbitrary detention of people to suppress the rights of minorities.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights was asked to prepare this report. The report said that prisoners are treated badly, including sexual and gender-based violence.

Apart from this, the policies of family planning are imposed on them in a discriminatory manner.

China is accused of keeping Vigar Muslims in detention camps in Xinjiang.

The United Nations has recommended that China should take immediate steps to release those whose freedoms have been taken away. It has also been said that some actions of China may come under international crime. It also includes crimes against humanity.

The UN has said that it cannot be ascertained how many people the government has held. Human rights groups say more than one million people have been detained in Xinjiang province.

The World Vigar Congress, which leads 60 organizations, has welcomed the report and called for an immediate international response.

However, China, which has already seen these reports, has denied the allegations of harassment and said that these camps are a way to fight terrorism.


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