Is India capable of producing indigenous defense equipment?

 09 Aug 2020 ( Perwez Anwer, MD & CEO, IBTN GROUP )

Will India become self-sufficient by banning the import of defense equipment? By the way, India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has made a big announcement and talked about banning the import of 101 defense equipment. The Defense Minister has spoken of making India self-sufficient in the matter of production of defense equipment and has set a target of 2024. But will it happen? Will it also meet the fate of Make in India?

India's defense minister Rajnath Singh has talked about banning the import of 101 defense devices, does India have the technology to manufacture these devices? Will India invent the technology of these defense equipment by the next 4 years i.e. by 2024? Will the private and public sector industries of India manufacture these defense equipment in India by entering into a license agreement with these arms from foreign arms manufacturing companies? These are some important questions that need to be answered.

Indian companies do not spend money on research and development, instead acquire technology by signing licenses from foreign companies and then produce in India. If this happens, it will not be called self-reliance and foreign arms manufacturers who sell their arms directly to India will sell through Indian companies. The biggest question is to give a contract of four lakh crores rupees to the domestic defense industry. Who will get this?

At present, contracts are being snatched away from public defense industries and given to private defense industries during the Modi regime. The biggest example of this was snatched from the Indian government company Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and the contract for Rafale fighter aircraft was given to Reliance Naval and Engineering Limited (Reliance Defense and Engineering Limited), which led Reliance Defense to commission around 3000 sales of Rafale fighter aircraft. Crores received. When Reliance Defense got the contract for Rafale, this company did not even have its own building. This big game of so-called self-reliance can be understood by this small example. The game of self reliance has just started in India. Just keep watching what happens next in the game of self reliance.

To truly achieve self-reliance, research and development should be encouraged in India and contracts should be given only to companies that produce only with the technologies developed in India and this is a mandatory condition for awarding the contract.

Let us have a look at the declaration of India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

India's Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has announced that the Ministry of Defense is now getting ready to play a bigger role in the Self-Reliant India initiative.

In order to promote indigenization in the matter of defense production and to increase the self-reliance of the army, the Ministry of Defense will impose a ban on import of embargo i.e. more than 101 items.

The Defense Minister said that the list of these items has been prepared by the Ministry of Defense after consulting the concerned parties several times. It also includes armed forces, private and public sector industries to assess the capability to produce war equipment in the present and future.

After the discussion, a list of 101 items has been prepared which includes not only common items but also some high-tech weapons such as artillery guns, assault rifles, transport aircraft, LCHs radar and other things that served the defense of the country. Meets the needs.

He has said to give a contract of four lakh crores to the domestic defense industry for the next 6-7 years.

Apart from this, he has announced a separate budget of 52 thousand crores for the domestic defense industry in the current financial year 2020-21.

He said that instead of imposing a ban on the import of these goods immediately, there are plans to gradually implement between 2020 and 2024.

He further explained that out of these, items worth about Rs 1,30,000 crore will be for the Army and Air Force, while items worth Rs 1,40,000 crore will be prepared for the Navy.


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