Imran Khan said, give answer was our compulsion and given

 27 Feb 2019 ( IBTN Bureau )

During the tension between India and Pakistan, on Wednesday, Pakistan had claimed to have killed two Indian fighters and arrested two pilots.

On Pakistan's claims, India has acknowledged the fall of the MiG-21 fighter plane and disappeared of a pilot.

Among them all, Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed his country and said that his army had to respond in a compulsion.

Imran Khan said that the weapons which are held by both the countries and the war with those weapons can be carried out in the war, then the consequences can be estimated.

Imran Khan said, "My Pakistanis .... I had something to say to you about the circumstances that are happening from yesterday. After the Pulwama, I had offered Hindustan to cooperate in the investigation. I know what passes on families suffering in such attacks. So we had a direct offer. We have said this because our land should not be used for terrorism."

They said, "We had a compulsion that we would give feedback. No sovereign country can sit quiet like this. We could not make ourselves criminally silent. We responded on Wednesday and told that if you can come into our country, then I can also come."

Imran Khan said, "We know that one who has gone from this world and who is injured, is passing on the people of his house. Therefore, we offered to India directly that Pakistan is ready for the way you want to investigate. It is not in Pakistan's interest that Pakistan's land should be used. We were ready to investigate Pulwama. If you give us evidence to investigate it, then we will be compelled to answer it. But when you take action, you will have to retaliate."

The Pakistani Prime Minister said, "I was feeling that elections are going to be held in India and there will be action by them. We did not take action on Tuesday because we did not know how much was harmed. So we waited and today we responded."

PM Khan said, "Two Indian MIG fighters come to the Pakistani border to answer Pakistan's action. They were killed. We have the pilot. I want to say to Hindustan that it is very important that we use a bit of wisdom.

Wars happened in the world. Nobody has even thought about where the war will take. The first World War was to end in six months, but it took six years."

Imran Khan said, "In World War II, Hitler thought that I would conquer Russia, he did not think that the winter of Russia would be the cause of its catastrophe. War on Terror took 17 years. Did the USA think that it would take how much time? The Vietnam War will take so long, who knew it. Estimates about wars are always wrong."

Khan said, "should not we think at this time that if the battle moves forward from here, so where it will take. Neither mine nor Narendra Modi will be the control on the war. So when we are ready, we told you that the Pulwama incident has happened, those who have hurt you, want to have some kind of conversation over terror. We should sit down and resolve this issue by talking."


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