How should US police forces be reformed?

 29 Jun 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

The killing of Black American George Floyd last month triggered protests across the U.S. and elsewhere against police brutality.

People are demanding justice and drastic changes to policing.

Activists say officers routinely discriminate against minorities, and use excessive force when making arrests.

The protest demands include cutting funding for law enforcement agencies, stripping police of military gear such as armoured trucks, and even abolishing police altogether.

The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives passed a police reform bill to ban chokeholds, combat racial profiling, and establish a national database to track police misconduct.

But the Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to pass the law.

So is there a political will for genuine change?

Presenter: Imran Khan

Jamira Burley - Human Rights activist

Steven Rogers - Retired police lieutenant

Elisabeth Anker - Professor of American Studies and Political Science at George Washington University.


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