Corona epidemic: America has given more relief package than India's economy

 04 Aug 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

The US Finance Ministry says it plans to borrow $ 947 billion in the third quarter to reduce the ill effects of the corona virus on the economy. Congress has already allocated an economic package of three trillion dollars for the corona virus epidemic.

Republicans and Democrats differ this time over the Corona Virus Relief Bill as the deadline for compensation for millions of unemployed Americans has expired. In a statement issued by the Finance Ministry on Monday, it is estimated that another trillion dollars is needed so that the bill can be implemented after it is passed.

The size of India's economy is 2.73 trillion dollars. Economy size refers to GDP.

The size of India's economy was $ 2.65 trillion in the 2017 ranking, which increased to $ 2.73 trillion in 2018 but its ranking fell.

This happened because in 2018 the economy of France and Britain was stronger than India. It was being said that India would overtake Britain at number five, but Britain and France pushed India to the number seven position.

The UK economy grew from $ 2.64 trillion to $ 2.84 trillion in 2018 and France's $ 2.59 trillion to $ 2.78 trillion.

The US economy is number one with $ 20.49 trillion and China's economy is second with $ 13.61 trillion.

Japan is at number three with $ 4.97 trillion and Germany is at number four with $ 3.99 trillion.


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