China threatens Britain: be ready to face backlash

 19 Jul 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

The corona virus epidemic has severely affected international relations throughout the world. Many countries of the world think that the corona virus infection started from China but it did not show transparency about it, due to which millions of people died and still continues to wreak havoc.

China is surrounded by many countries around the world. Be it the issue of Hong Kong or South China Sea. Recently, when China implemented the new security law in Hong Kong, then all the countries of the west including the United States and Britain expressed strong objection.

The United States and Britain took some steps against China as well. Britain banned those in China who are involved in crushing human rights and democratic values ​​in Hong Kong.

Some members of the Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have said that the sanctions should be used to target Chinese officials.

Chinese Ambassador to Britain, Liu Shiaming told the BBC, "If the UK government starts banning any Chinese person, then China will surely respond."

He said, "You have seen what happened in America, they ban Chinese officials and we ban their MPs and officials. I don't want to see any kind of tit-for-tat strategy in Sino-UK relations. meet.''

British Foreign Minister Domnik Raab said in the same program that he does not want to take the list of UK sanctions too far. But Britain will not be so weak that it cannot challenge China. Raab said he would inform Parliament on Monday about further action on Hong Kong and China.

Hong Kong was once a colony of Britain. When Britain handed over the city of Hong Kong to China, it guaranteed Hong Kong autonomy until 2047. Britain says that the autonomy given to Hong Kong is being taken away by the new law.

Officials in Hong Kong and Beijing say that with the help of this law, the threat to national security will be eliminated. China has been constantly warning Western countries not to interfere in the Hong Kong issue.


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