America will get corona vaccine by the end of this year: Dr. Fauci

 16 Jul 2020 ( IBTN Bureau )

On Wednesday, a good news came from the US about the Corona virus vaccine. The American pharmaceutical company Moderna's vaccine yielded positive results during testing.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump tweeted that "there is great news about the vaccine". Now America's top specialist of infectious diseases, doctor Anthony Fauci has estimated that the US will get the corona virus vaccine by the end of this year.

Doctor Anthony Fauci told Reuters News Agency, "I am happy about the time it has been estimated."

He said that he is not worried about the idea that China will overtake the US in the direction of making the vaccine.

He said, "I think everybody is walking on the same track. They are not going to get it before us. Which is absolutely sure. ''

Like the rest of the scientists, they also say that the question related to this still remains, how long the body will remain from disease through a vaccine.


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