America imposed new sanctions after announcing the merger of four regions of Ukraine with Russia

 30 Sep 2022 ( News Bureau )

US President Joe Biden has strongly criticized the announcement of the merger of four regions of Ukraine with Russia. President Biden said, "The United States condemns the fraudulent attempt to annex the sovereign territories of Ukraine with Russia.

Russia is violating international law, crushing the Charter of the United Nations and disrespecting peaceful countries.''

"Such acts have no validity. The United States will always respect Ukraine's international borders. We will continue to extend our support to Ukraine's efforts to regain these areas. For this, diplomatically and militarily, we will continue to strengthen the hands of Ukraine.''

President Biden said the US this week announced $1.1 billion in additional security aid to Ukraine.

Announcing the new sanctions on Russia, President Biden said, "In response to the claims of occupation of Ukraine's territories, the United States along with its allies today announces new sanctions. These sanctions will apply to individuals and organizations providing political and economic support to illegal attempts to change the status of Ukraine's borders, both inside and outside Russia.''

“We will try to mobilize the international community to hold Russia accountable. I hope that a law proposing an additional $12 billion in aid to Ukraine will be approved by Congress.''


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